EPA releases two new Environmental Assessment Guidelines

Jun 19, 2013

The Envrionmental Protection authority (EPA) has released two new Environmental Assessment Guidelines (EAGs) to provide advice to proponents and the public generally on the procedures and minimum environmental requirements that the EPA expects to be met during the environmental impact assessment process.

The two new guidelines are:

Environmental factors and objectives (EAG 8)

The purpose of this Environmental Assessment Guideline is to:

  • communicate the EPA’s environmental factors and associated environmental objectives;
  • describe the EPA’s framework for environmental factors and objectives and how they link to EPA guidance; and
  • outline the EPA’s expectations for applying environmental factors, objectives and guidance through environmental impact assessment.

This guideline complements EAG 9 Environmental Assessment Guideline on the Environmental Impact Assessment Framework which describes the EPA’s decision framework for determining environmental acceptability.

Application of a significance framework in the environmental impact assessment process (EAG 9)

The purpose of this guideline is to describe how the EPA makes decisions, throughout the entire environmental impact assessment (EIA) process, on the likely significance of impacts of a proposal, using a risk based approach.

This EAG is considered to be a framework document in that it applies to the entire EIA process, and is supported by other more detailed guidance on specific aspects or stages of EIA.


Please follow this link to the EPA web page detailing all of the current EAG's.

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