Draft policy statement: advanced environmental offsets under the EPBC Act

Aug 18, 2015

The Australian Government has released a draft policy statement providing guidance on the use of advanced offsets under the EPBC Act.

The Department of the Environment is releasing the policy statement as a working draft for public comment from 17 August 2015 to 12 October 2015.

Advanced environmental offsets are a supply of offsets for future use, transfer or sale by proponents or offset providers. Unlike conventional offsets, which are generally put in place to compensate for the residual adverse significant impacts of an action following approval, advanced offsets are put in place before any impact occurs.

The Australian Government encourages the use of advanced offsets where practical. Advanced offsets can:

  • Improve environmental outcomes through early implementation of conservation benefits and more strategic offset delivery
  • Provide more efficient resource allocation compared to more conventional offset approaches, and streamline the environmental assessment process
The draft policy statement may be downloaded here: Draft Policy Statement details and download

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