Environmental Management Systems

Developing Environmental Management Systems to minimise environmental risks which may cause harm to your business.

--- Industry at NightEnviroWorks Consulting can provide you with assistance in the development and implementation of an Environmental Management System (EMS) in accordance with the international standard ISO 14001. This will enable the following processes to be used by your organisation:

  • Fully understanding all environmental legal requirements for your business
  • Implementing processes to ensure environmental legal compliance
  • Identification and prioritisation of environmental risks and issues
  • Development and implementation of objectives and action plans for key environmental risks and issues
  • Ensuring environmental training and awareness programs are effective
  • Checking and monitoring performance to ensure improvement
  • Developing emergency response and contingency plans.

The EnviroWorks Consulting team can draw on previous EMS experience with a range of organisations (including successfully achieving certification to ISO 14001). We can also offer expertise in the development of IT systems which integrate with business systems to improve EMS efficiency.